Our Equipment

Here at the ARC we have gone to great lengths to source the best equipment to give you best sound. Please note that the list is subject to change, so if there is a particular piece of equipment you are interested in using please let us know when making your enquiry.


Fully refurbished (Keith Skerrett) SSL 16 x channel G+ & 16 x channel C


Logic Pro 9 & 10 (Hackintosh; 4.2Ghz, i7, 32 Gig 2666Mhz DDR4)

Pro Tools 12 HD Native PC & Mac

Carillon i7 SSD + Raid, Windows 10; Pro Tools/

Hack i7 SSD + Raid, Windows 10/Mac OS High Sierra

Otari MTR 100-A 24 Track 2"

Revox B-77 4 Track 1/4 "

Tascam (Teac) 38-8 8 Track 1/2"

Tascam (Teac) MSR-24 24 Track 1"


2 x AD/DA Apollo APL8PQ (Headphones)

2 x AD/DA Apollo APL16II

A comprehensive list of UAD plugins are pre-installed. (EMT 140/240, Pultec, Neve etc) Please ask for current list


Adam S5H (soffit mounted)

Yamaha NS-10M (powered by Unison Research SR1)

Adam A8X (Green Room/live room 2) Talk/Play

Behringer Truth 1032A (Live Room) Talk/Play


2 x AEA A440

1 x AKG D24

1 x AKG 1200E

1 x AKG D19

1 x AKG D12

1 x Calrec CM 654

1 x EV PL20

1 x AKG Geffell MV102

2 x Peluso P28

2 x Peluso P47

2 x Peluso CEMC-6

1 x Reslo RBT/L 30-50

1 x Reslo URH HiZ

1 x Beyer Dynamic M818 HL

1 x Shure SM7

1 x Shure Beta 52

6 x Shure SM57

1 x Shure SM58

2 x Sontronics Orpheus

4 x Sontronics STC-1S Omni/Cardioid

2 x Sontronics SOLO

2 x Sontronics STC-3X 3 pattern condenser

2 x Lewitt LCT 240 Pro

2 x Lewitt LCT 140

Further microphones availability pending booking details:

2x Neumann U47  

2x Akg C414 TLBX2

1x Neumann U67

1x Neumann U47 Fet

1x AEA Ribbon Mic

1x Prodipe Stereo Ribbon

4x Neumann KM 184

Outboard FX:

Yamaha SPX 2000

Lexicon PCM96

Outboard Pre-Amps, EQ & Compression:

2 channels Warm Audio WA-2

1 x compressor Golden Age 3A (stereo)

1 x compressor Warm Audio WA-76 (stereo)

2 x channels Focusrite Red 6 Mic Pre & EQ

1 x channels Focusrite Red 2 EQ

1 x Audio & Design F760X-RS (stereo)

2 x Audio Design Vocal Stressor F769X-R

2 x channels Avalon 737

2 x channels NEVE Shelford

2 x Neve 5052 (Availability pending booking)

2 x Symetrix 501-Toggle (Availability pending booking)

Guitars & Amps:

Guitar Duesenberg Starplayer TV

Bass Guitar Duesenberg Starplayer

Guitar Fender Telecaster

Guitar Fender Stratocaster

Guitar Gibson Les Paul

Guitar Amp Line 6 Pod

Marshall JCM 900-1960

Marshall JCM 800

Marshall 1987X Plexi Head

Combo Amp Fender 69 Bassman

Combo Amp Framus Ruby Riot Combo

Framus Speaker 100w


5x Behringer P16M Remote (RJ45 networked) 16 channel mixers

8 x Headphones Beyer Dynamic DT 150


Amplifier Unison Research SR1 (NS10M)

Amplifier Quad 405-2

Pre- Amp Quad 44

Speaker Mackie MR8 MK 3

Speaker Mackie 450

Organ Hammond C3

Speaker Leslie 760

Speaker Leslie 145

2 x Radial Pro Passive DI Boxes

4 x Radial J48 Pro DI boxes

4 x Orchid DI boxes