About The ARC

The Studio's canvas is an old barn some 200 years old which has been used as a joinery woodworking shop, it is has been stripped back and in its place is a high spec recording studio, design & acoustics by Mark Tucker https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-tucker-6698824/.

The Studio comprises of a control room, 2 live rooms and a vocal/amp booth and can cater for all musical needs using fully analogue, fully digital or hybrid systems. There is an emphasis on the best of both vintage analogue and state of the art equipment. This combined with high-quality monitoring and studio acoustics, we believe gives the best recording quality and experience. The centre-piece of the studio is a 32 channel SSL mixing desk which is made up of 16 G + Series channels including the centre console and the other 16 channels are E Series. The desk has been completely rebuilt and has great pedigree having been made from the desks of Sir George Martin and with parts coming from Peter Gabriel’s old desk, all works were carried out by Keith Skerrett of Oxford Recycled Audio  www.recycledaudio.co.uk/ . 


The Control Room is equipped with ADAM Audio S5H, Yamaha NS10M monitors. Otari MTR100/remote. Arcintosh (Custom Hackintosh); MacOS/Windows. Logic, Pro Tools, Apollo 16 quads x 2. Outboard equipment includes; Lexicon, Focusrite, DBX, Neve, Avalon etc. Click here for current list.

Live Room 1 is accessed through the control room. It is a large room with vaulted ceilings and exposed original beams, the walls are made from natural stone, the room is filled with day light through a set of large doors and supplemented by a further window at the top of the room. The room is also equipped with movable gobos so sound can be controlled and booths can be created. There is an area to the corner of the room which has a sonically treated roof, hidden from view, which allows for even more control over the sound. Audio wiring infrastructure has been placed all round the room, the work was carried out by Martin Noyce of Control Sound. The foot print of the room is circa 9m x 5.5m, with a the vaulted ceiling 5m high.


Live Room 2 is a smaller space located on the ground floor and provides completely different sonic properties. The walls are made from exposed stone and have been sonically treated. The variety in rooms allows the Studio to offer completely different spaces catering for all project requirements.  The foot print of the room is circa 5.8m x 4.3m.


The Studio also has a designated Amp/Speaker Room for total isolation of loud amplifiers


The entire studio is full HD equipped with video communications system and live podcast filming capability. The facility is also air conditioned.


The Studio’s Technical Director and Resident Producer is Mark Tucker who possesses a wealth of experience. The equipment includes a collection of tape machines including an Otari 24 track 2”reel to reel, Tascam 24 Track 1”, Revox B77 4 Track ¼ “, a large selection of microphones including a pair of Vintage Neumann U47s & U67, AKG D12, 24, 19, 414?, Calrec’s, Peluso P47, P28, pair Peluso CEM6, various vintage and new ribbon Microphones, Sontronics etc.


We also host a fantastic selection of well maintained and select instruments and amplifiers, including; a Hammond C3 Organ with 145 & 760 Leslie Cabinets, guitars such as a Duesenberg Starplayer TV guitar and bass, Fender Telecaster Hot Rod 52, Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Taylor Acoustic. A complete list is available on this website which is continually being updated so please call us for any specific detailed enquiry.


Please contact us on 01865 884464 or enquiries@thearc.ltd